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Our Law Firm concentrates in Intellectual Property Law and Corporate Law primarily for small and medium-sized businesses. I am Charles Brown, the firm’s founder. I have significant experience in helping business owners as I have been representing them for 34 years. Please contact me if you have a legal question. Send me an e-mail.

Our areas of practice are:

Intellectual Property LawCorporate Law

I know my way around a Balance Sheet, P & L, forecasts, pricing, distribution, product design, factories, and other business operations because I have been employed as a General Counsel and was responsible, from the inside, of the overall legal issues of large, sophisticated multinational businesses. Since I was  part of the clients’ executive management business teams I learned the importance of knowing the business in connection with giving legal advice. And this knowledge/approach results in better outcomes for our clients.  This skill and background makes us different from the vast majority of private practice business attorneys.

Highly Experienced Intellectual Property and Corporate Law Attorney

We will tell you how the big companies do it and you will benefit from their best practices. While we have represented very large companies such as Motorola, most of our clients are small to mid-sized companies. We represent the owners, officers, executives and boards of directors of public and private companies, nationally and globally in diverse industries.


We are especially adept in the industries of sporting goods, recreational goods, consulting, technology, manufacturing and printing.  Click this link to see the Legal Services We Offer.

Fixed Legal Project Fees

We offer our clients flat legal fees, with all services included.  This will help you and your company have predictable legal expenses.

No-charge Client Legal Help Line

Our clients receive free phone legal support for their questions if no follow-up is required after the phone call.  Read About Our Free Client Legal Help Line.

Important Considerations

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Business owners on the North Shore, in Northern Cook County, the northern suburban area of Chicago, and metro Chicago appreciate that we reside close to their businesses.

We are very happy to have a no-obligation meeting with potential clients at your place of business to review your overall legal situation.

Behind every business is one or more owners.  We personally care about you as the owners and want to help you achieve your goals.  We will speak in plain English and explain alternatives, likelihoods and the costs of each decision.

Our goal is to reduce your legal fees and improve your profitability.

Contact Us

Please contact us if we can answer any questions about our services.  We will be delighted to hear from you.

Best regards to you and your business,

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown 847.784.1300 or send me E-mail

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