Onsite Counsel Services


On-Site Counsel

Our attorneys can work at your place of business, lessening your cost and improving your results. We become your virtual Law Department.  We work as outside advisers but we offer volume discounts and work from your place of business.  You get an “in-house” attorney, except on an independent contractor basis. Interestingly, the terms outsourcing and in-sourcing can be used to describe our work.

Our lawyers have in-house and private practice experience. We will get to know your business thoroughly and this will create better results. We are your law firm on-site and will be highly dedicated to your needs. If you have steady, recurring legal needs, this service may be for you.

This elite service will lessen your overall legal costs (OLC) and give you better results and control at the same time. You get the lawyer you need at a better value than a large law firm, and he or she comes on-site! Imagine walking down the hall and getting immediate legal help.

Having an in-house attorney is the best way for companies to receive legal services. You will notice the difference in results and services.

Credentials and Experience

All our attorneys have over 20 years of business legal experience. Some have been General Counsel for public Fortune 500 companies and have started law departments for public companies. Our attorneys are highly experienced in a broad number of legal areas.

We also provide ordinary law firm representation and have represented public and private companies around the world.

Get a Competitive Edge

This provides you with cost-effective legal support similar to America’s largest companies. However, up until now, small and mid-size companies could not finance this dedicated, on-site legal support.

How the On-site Legal Service Operates

We work from your offices on a regularly agreed schedule (e.g., once per week). You pay only for the services you use. We provide everything but the office space. This service gives you expert inside counsel representation, but without the high fixed cost.

For examples of how we have done this before, see our On-Site Engagements Examples page.

The Law Department MethodSM

Our service is based upon the Law Department Method. The Law Department Method is a compilation of unique, advantageous ways that law department lawyers provide services to their companies. But, we provide this kind of service to private practice clients.

We feel this model is the optimal way to provide legal services to every company.

Business Knowledge

By coming on-site, we will clearly know your business, products and services, industry, strategies, competitors, goals, and financial issues. This knowledge is critical to providing the best legal and business recommendations.

Who can Benefit?

If you have significant outside legal fees, you may benefit from our service. Growing companies and companies with Law Department staffing shortages have also benefited from our services.

Comparison to Other Methods

This service is unmatched in the marketplace. You will have a law firm lawyer on-site. This attorney is not a solo practitioner. The attorney is part of a team so you can get the benefit of other thinking for a particularly difficult problem. Our firm specializes in the unique ways of providing this service. As a pioneer of this service, CorpLaw is helping forge the standards for this unique offering.

An in-house attorney is passionate about solving client problems, creating legal recommendations which optimally achieve company goals, and providing excellent service – all at a lower cost than an outside provider. Having lower costs and better control is the same reason companies develop any staff function.

Is This Right For Your Company?

CorpLaw Associates LLC can help you assess whether your company will benefit from our services. We will assess all the ways in which you receive legal services and compare those services to what you need. We will review your past legal issues and costs and obtain the information necessary to make a recommendation to you.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how CorpLaw Associates LLC can offer your business the extra advantages of our On-Site Counsel or Project Services.

Value of In-House Counsel
Benefits of In-House Counsel  Added Value
Knowledge of the business 20% to 25%
Lower cost Most often 40% to 50% lower
Early intervention/preventive law Conservatively 10% to 15%


Resources for On-site Legal Services

Read an article by the national legal journal, Corporate Counsel Monthly, which refers to CorpLaw as an important provider of On-site Services. Article featuring CorpLaw Associates.

To read an interesting article on how the on-site counsel succeeds in lowering your costs and improving your profitability, read this- The On-site Legal Method article.

You can save the above web page as a .pdf version by choosing The On-site Legal Service.

To contact us, choose Contact Us.

NASDAQ General Counsel

Performed general counsel function for NASDAQ high growth, management consulting firm

  • board support and resolution/minutes drafting
  • interpret governance, including partner voting restrictions
  • advise audit and compensation committees
  • manage legal budget and outside counsel
  • insurance
  • SEC filings, including 10-K
  • manage files and records of corporation
  • benchmarked company legal systems
  • performed risk management assessment, advised company on procedures

Lowered outside legal costs by $240,000 on annualized basis by assuming substantial role in legal affairs of corporation and reconfiguring outside services performed

Assessed matrix of legal affairs and brought high value legal work inside

  • Governance
  • Corporate secretarial function
  • Contracts
  • Employment and HR
  • Trademarks
  • State legal compliance
  • Client management
  • Stock transfers

Negotiated and drafted over 100 agreements for all aspects of business, including:

  • Engagements letters
  • Master services agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Subcontractor agreements

Created and structured equity incentive plan for employees and non-employees; drafted plan, stock option agreements and related documents

Rolled out Context magazine and necessary supporting legal documentation/procedures

  • Clarified reprint permission procedures and relationships with authors
  • Drafted copyright procedures
  • Drafted advertising rules and regulations

Negotiated and drafted software license and support and maintenance agreements for acquisition of new business/relationship management database software

Reviewed and revised all company contract forms

Managed employment termination suit; intervened in post-discovery phase; minimized liability by obtaining agreed mediation of suit

Refinanced company debt- negotiated agreement and drafted supporting documentation

Assisted in annual proxy materials dissemination process

Conducted due diligence for equity offering completed in March, 98

Conducted preliminary due diligence for acquisition (transaction later abandoned)

Reviewed insurance needs of corporation

  • Determined need for publisher’s liability insurance
  • Determined need for different configuration of professional liability errors and omissions and directors and officers liability coverage

Managed real estate leasehold interests of company

Negotiated 17% reduction of rent due to incomplete construction prior to beginning of tenancy


On-Site Counsel Testimonials

“Charlie is the highest value-to-cost attorney we have on the outside [of our Law Department].”

–  Joe R., General Counsel, VP and Sec’y, Global Telecommunications Co.


“Mr. Brown brings a wide breadth of legal skills that [my Company] has come to rely on.  Prior to engaging Mr. Brown as our attorney, on an independent contractor basis, [my Company] relied and was entirely satisfied utilizing outside counsel but the fact that he is in our offices is a clear-cut advantage.  Not only do we have the opportunity for quick access and response but also consider him to be a regular member of our team in addressing the various legal issues that confront a corporation the size of [my Company].  I find him to be personable and a quick study in the understanding of our very complicated reprographic business.  Mr. Brown also has extensive legal experience as a member of the Law Department of a major local company and constantly draws on that experience to integrate into our corporate modus operandi.  It is with genuine gratitude that I write this letter of reference for Charlie Brown.  He has made my corporate life and those of my colleagues outstandingly smoother.”

–  Chuck M., Director, Netherlands-based Global Equipment Manufacturing Company


“I am general counsel to a $1.3B corporation comprised of ten North American operating companies.  Like many legal department managers, I have been asked to keep costs and headcount down while continuing to provide competent legal advice and services.  This is easier said than done.  At one of our largest operating companies located in Chicago, CorpLaw Associates, and Charlie Brown in particular, has been the solution since 2000.

CorpLaw’s operating model is to provide on-site, experienced counsel to your business on the schedule you desire.  Importantly, CorpLaw’s legal experience was primarily garnered with corporate law departments, not firms.  This business experience translates into a rewarding client benefit.  CorpLaw is unruffled by requests to reprioritize legal work due to response is always professional and understanding.

CorpLaw has become and integral part of the [my Company]’s legal team by appearing on-site three days per week.  This gave the business clients access to face-to-face legal advice thereby increasing the value because the advice is based on a discussion of all relevant facts.  On-site service allows the business team to become comfortable with counsel and to bring concerns to the legal department’s attention early enough to all preventative measures to be taken.  On-site service has allowed CorpLaw to become intimately involved in [my Company]’s business operation resulting in the added value of anticipating the legal implications of changes in [my Company]’s business practices.  This value is very difficult to achieve with an outside law firm.”

–  Michael S., Vice President and General Counsel, $3b Netherlands-Based Manufacturing Company

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