Law Department Consulting Practice Area

Law Department Consulting Practice Area

An increasing amount of corporate responsibility and authority are being shouldered by today’s Law Departments.

lectual Property, Risk Management, Legal Fees, Accountability

This is an exciting and challenging time to practice law in Law Departments.

We would be happy to help you review your Law Department processes and structure and identify options and solutions relevant to both your company culture and industry.

The following examples demonstrate our past experience in this area.

Improved Litigation Management Processes

The U.S. based CEO of one of the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance companies hired us to review the overall methods by with its claims function selected, managed, and used outside legal services, including the management and conduct of litigation. CorpLaw Associates met the schedule and budget targets established by the company. We presented a detailed report within 90 days to the CEO with specific, focused recommendations. The recommendations were designed to lower costs, improved litigation results, and enhance and increase the information upon which management decisions were based. Our recommendations have been implemented.

Company-wide IP Review for Leading Public Telecommunications Services Firm

Conducted an IP Review for a large, publicly-traded, telecommunications industry service provider. This IP Review was focused on patents (computer software and business methods) and trade secrets. The first step was to review their IP portfolio and their IP-related guidelines. The project had three key deliverables. The first was to ensure that the company has identified and protected all IP that has resulted from its development efforts. The second was to create systems and procedures that will maximize and protect the IP developed in the future. The third was to educate all IP users about the new guidelines.

General Counsel Function

Responsible for legal affairs of a high-growth, high-tech, public management consulting company. Represented company in matters of securities, risk management, corporate governance, contracts, human resources, client relationships, trademarks, and copyright. Managed legal budget and outside counsel.

Brought Legal Work Inside and Reduced Legal Fees by 67%

As first inside counsel for public company, analyzed outside counsel fee structure and services and determined correct inside counsel/outside counsel services mix. Brought work inside to minimize cost, while maintaining effectiveness of legal representation.

General Counsel for Business Units

Responsible for worldwide legal affairs of two companies. Advised as to legal risk, opportunities and compliance. Directed and advised on: litigation, patents, trademarks, and proprietary rights policy, alliances, licenses and acquisitions, sales and marketing programs, personnel and labor, real estate use, antitrust and distribution, and environmental issues. Retained and supervised counsel worldwide and represent international subsidiaries.


Compared overall legal systems of company to competitors and to companies outside the industry. Benchmarked procedures to improve risk profile.

Risk Management System

Advised on overall business risk management systems of company. Reviewed field negotiating practices to reduce types of risks accepted and strengthened decision-making process. Further minimized risk by placement of appropriate insurance coverage.

Legal Fees Reduced and Accountability Improved

Reduced outside legal expenses of two business units by 10%. Improved case results by increasing accountability of outside counsel by developing case budgets and actively supervising case matters worldwide.

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