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CorpLaw Associates LLC specializes in helping businesses navigate the tangled web of state, federal and local laws governing business employment practices. We bring over 27 years of experience, knowledge and skill both as a private lawyer working with clients in diverse industries and as corporate labor counsel for large corporations.

We work closely with corporate clients on all issues relating to the employment relationship. Our goal is to advise the business not only on avoiding liability but to make certain you are using all legal methods available for employee selection, discipline, training and termination. Many businesses delay decisions on employment matters such as disciplining “high-maintenance” employees because of the fear of liability or in the false hope that the problem will resolve itself. Employment-related problems in the workplace never resolve themselves. Our job is to help employers deal with the legal aspects of HR so that you can make the decision that is most beneficial to your business.

Some of the issues we have helped clients deal with include the following:

  • A business has a number of executives who have access to confidential information and have established relationships with some good clients. The business wants to ensure that these executives do not steal this information or steal client relationships. CorpLaw attorneys have prepared numerous employment agreements including non-compete provisions, trade secret protections and non-solicitation clauses to prevent such occurrences.
  • An employee with performance difficulties has threatened to take his complaints to the federal government alleging discrimination and unfair employment practices unless the company agrees to his demands. What are the employer’s options? Must the business cave in? Can the employee be terminated without fear of liability?
  • The company HR manager has received a notice from the EEOC that the EEOC will be conducting an investigation into some allegations of sexual harassment. How is the business to respond? What are its rights during the course of the investigation? What can it do to protect itself from false allegations?
  • The client wants to institute a pay practice that may be in contravention of the state and federal laws governing minimum wage and overtime. What can the employer do to avoid overtime liability? Do the employees have the right to overtime for pay when they are “on call”?
  • The business has an executive returning from disability leave who has requested an accommodation that will significantly alter his work duties. Does the employer have to agree to these accommodations? What rights does the employer have to require the executive to participate in a rehabilitation program that will help him return to full time status?

CorpLaw’s attorneys have advised businesses on diverse employment law issues in industries as varied as airlines, insurance, manufacturing, consulting and employment staffing. Because of the diverse nature of his clients he is able to bring experience and knowledge to bear in virtually any type of industry without the need for a long learning period.

For a copy of our Employment and Labor Law Services Offering in .pdf format, please click Employment and Labor Legal Services.


Employment Law Testimonials

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in helping to resolve the settlement issues related to my previous employment.  All of my previous attempts to resolve this issue myself were in vain.

While the settlement was, in the end, resolve by me and my former employer, this dialogue would have never taken place without your firm’s assistance in laying out the facts to them and forcing them to recognize that this was a legitimate claim that they had to deal with.  Obviously once the facts and the legal ramifications were laid out to them by you, they were willing to negotiate a settlement.

I sincerely believe that without your firm’s assistance, I wouldn’t have been able to even have a dialogue with my former employer, let alone negotiate a satisfactory settlement agreement.

Thanks again for your help in resolving this.”

–  Bill S., Manager at national Manufacturing Company

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