Web and Domains


Web and Domains

No one can use your trademark in your domain name if they sell a product or service similar to yours on the website. This is known as cybersquatting.

Various laws prevent this practice. We can help you file and prosecute a UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Process) to stop someone from diverting your sales to their website.

Or, do you need to confidentially acquire a domain? We can negotiate and acquire domains for you, which will lower your cost.


Web Domain Accomplishments

We suggested to a client that a competitor was illegally domain cybersquatting. They undertook our suggestion and we researched the facts. We discovered that the competitor used a fictitious corporate name and operated a click-through advertising site which diverted traffic away from our client. After our cease and desist letter they moved the domain off-shore to Taiwan. We filed a WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Process).

Our large, nationally-recognized client changed its brand due to a major acquisition. It was decided that a new domain name would help with their branding. We were hired to mask the true buyer for the domain. We pursued three domains. One domain became the favorite. We negotiated a very advantageous price and acquired the domain—all in less than a month.


Web Domain Testimonials

“[Charlie Brown] pursued the acquisition of [our web domain] through a WIPO proceeding in Geneva, Switzerland which involved dealing with a company located in California that had executive officers located in China.  Charlie was able to obtain GreenCycle.com with minimal expense to our company because of his expertise in the area while dealing outside the United States.”

–        Caroline R., President Green Energy Company


“We’ve had the good fortune to work closely with Charlie Brown during the past few years, and we’ve found  Charlie’s expertise and professionalism to be exceptional.

Charlie quickly learned our business and has been instrumental in helping us with legal and strategic decisions. His knowledge of standards and practices beyond our own expertise has given us insight into the strategies of customers and associates. In complex negotiations with Fortune 100 companies, his contributions led us to hold our ground and acquire important liability protections. He’s ensured that we have implemented required legal protections that are critical for the health of a growing business.

Although legal issues can be complex and challenging, Charlie himself is always pleasant, sensitive to our deadlines, and flexible. He stays within quoted budgets, and he consistently demonstrates keen business acumen.

Charlie not only captured exactly our thoughts from the conversation the three of us recently had but also that again…he explained/broke-down the situation so well in his email to their procurement chief, so clearly and in a way that we feel we are best likely to get the response we want from this potential customer.   Thank you very much!

Any business owner knows that having a good legal advisor is essential. Charlie’s work goes far beyond  “good.”  We look forward to working with Charlie as our business continues to grow.

Charlie’s candor allows me personally to understand & make decisions quickly that I feel are in our best interest.”

–        Dean and Kym H., Owners, SaaS Solution Company


“I have my own consulting business and have been using CorpLaw for my legal services for several years. Charlie is uniquely qualified to advise consultants, having been the GC at a major consulting firm, and his approach is very practical for the small firm. He takes the time to understand my unique business needs, so I feel like I’m getting a real advisor and not an off-the-shelf answer to my issues.  I get great advice, personal attention, and most importantly I get no surprises on fees. Charlie is great about flagging issues in advance, and working creatively to protect my interests without creating unnecessary paperwork.  And his annual LLC maintenance plan keeps all my documents in order for a low flat fee. I would recommend Charlie to any consultant without hesitation.”

–        Chris D., CEO, International Consulting Firm


“When we were launching our new company, Charlie was referred to us by a partner of a white-shoe law firm who had done work with him in the past.  Having started several new ventures previously, I knew the role we wanted our corporate attorney to play, and Charlie fit the bill precisely.  At the outset, he listened carefully to the objectives of each of our capital partners and then laid out an organizational roadmap for us that was balanced, concise and on point.  Throughout the process of negotiating our partnership agreement, Charlie offered both highly professional advice and considered recommendations based on his past experience, which allowed us to quickly reach a consensus on matters that otherwise might have become contentious.  He is a practical, commonsense legal practitioner who delivers high-quality, cost-conscious work product.  Charlie receives our highest endorsement.”

–        Bob D., Partner, Strategy Consulting/Merchant Banking Firm



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