Licensing and Monetization of IP


Licensing and Monetization of IP

Many business owners have valuable Intellectual Property (IP) which might not currently be incorporated into a product or service. It could be, for example, a patent or trade secret that was once useful to you.

It would be valuable to review your inventory if IP. If you have unused IP, what should you do?

You could license or sell this unused IP to generate income and take advantage of the value of your unused property. We can help you with these monetization and licensing issues.


Licensing and Monetization Testimonials

“Our company needed to review its intellectual portfolio to ensure we were properly identifying and using all potentially patentable subject matter.  Our employees and contractors expend thousands of person-hours per year developing software code for the telecommunications industry.  Since Intellectual Property is important to our long-term prosperity and competitiveness, we needed someone who has significant experience in patents and IP systems to help us maximize the value of our intellectual property.

We engaged CorpLaw Associates and Charles Brown to review our intellectual property assets and procedures.  They assessed our procedures for identifying, generating, and using intellectual property, both offensively and defensively.  CorpLaw Associates created a system to identify existing IP assets.  They also generated a number of other effective recommendations for our consideration.  These recommendations improve the ways we take advantage of our intellectual property assets.

Management and my legal team were satisfied with the execution of this important engagement and the positive impact CorpLaw’s recommendations have had on the company.  We appreciate their insight into intellectual property law and their ability to work with company executives.  They learned our business quickly and as a result produced recommendations optimally related to important strategic goals.  CorpLaw’s work will have a positive impact on the company’s intellectually property assets and processes.  We would use them again is such a project were needed in the future.  You make feel free to contact me to discuss my experience with CorpLaw Associates and Charles Brown.”

–        Joe R., Sr. Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel, Worldwide Telecommunications Services Company 


“As President of [co. name] of Indiana and [co. name] of the Northeast I have been working with Charlie Brown of CorpLaw Associates since 2004.  The relationship has been an excellent one for the following reasons.

1. Trademark Application and Protection

Charlie has guided the company through the process of protecting its trademarks as well as enhancing the areas of their uses on an on-going basis.  This process has included enlarging the trademark portfolio to include more areas that are consistent with the business as well as enforcing our trademarks against infringers.  Charlie has been successful in all cases of forcing the infringing company to cease using our trademark.

2. Protection of Legal Interests

Charlie has the best interest of [co. name] in mind at all times.  He pursued the acquisition of [co. name].com through a WIPO proceeding in Geneva, Switzerland which involved dealing with a company located in California that had executive officers located in China.  Charlie was able to obtain [co. name].com with minimal expense to our company because of his expertise in the area while dealing outside the United States.

3. Intellectual Property Support

Charlie is well-informed on the uses of the internet and has provided excellent counsel on the best course of to follow to secure the appropriate domain names for the [co. name] companies.  He has also guided [co. name] toward appropriate vendors to provide additional help.

Charlie responds quickly and proactively to [co. name] requests.  He is very knowledgeable in the field of trademarks and I rely on his expertise to protect the [co. name] trademark portfolio.  He and I have recently been working on a trademark Terms Sheet and Trademark Style Guide which will make clear the proper uses of the trademark.

He is a heavy duty lawyer who can do anything.”

–        Caroline R., President, Green Energy Company


“I have found Charlie to be well informed, attentive and insightful in his counsel to us. We have learned to rely on him as a legal expert, strategic counsel, and trusted advisor for our clients’ trademark and copyright work, and make referrals often. But perhaps our trust in Charlie is most evident in our relationship with him on behalf of [my Company] and our own IP issues.  Frankly, Charlie is our “go-to” IP guy, hands down. I highly recommend him.”

–        Chuck T., President, Creative Branding Consultants


“Let me also take this opportunity to thank you and your firm, CorpLaw Associates, for your assistance over the last two years.  It has been a pleasure working with you in my capacity as both a President of [client name], and in the acquisition of [company name].  In particular, I would be honored to provide a complete endorsement as needed of your capabilities across a broad range of corporate and legal issues.

Your assistance with the due diligence on the acquisition of [company name] by [company name] allowed us to expedite the process in a fair and equitable manner for both parties.  In addition, your legal and business guidance on the potential strategic alliance between [company name] and [company name] was both timely and thorough.  My most sincere thanks however for your counsel and expertise in my transition to entrepreneurship via my acquisition of [company name].

This is, I believe, representative of the real value offered by CorpLaw Associates: large company legal expertise tailored to individual and unique opportunities of any size.  As is often the case, a great deal of fitness and experience is required to get two parties to move beyond the infatuation state to the real nuts and bolts of a fair and balanced agreement, especially when primarily intangible assets are involved.  In this case, the results are obvious – a fair agreement, beneficial to both parties, that meets both the contemplated and potential outcomes.  My partner and I thank you for your hard work and both the professional and personal attention given to each one of us throughout the process.”

–        Ernie W., Managing Director, Consulting Company


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