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Client Legal Help Line


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Do You Really Know if a Legal Issue Can Cause a Problem? Our Clients Can Ask Us for Free

Sometimes you will confront a problem and you may believe the risk of a problem is low.  But, you would like to confirm this with a lawyer. You would prefer not to incur any cost and you assume (hope) you are OK.  So, you do not get legal advice before proceeding.

Since the law if often more complicated than it may seem, you actually may not fully understand the risk.

We do not want you to take an uninformed risk.

For clients, we will answer any legal question without any charge if no follow-up is required.  We will talk to you for a reasonable time to address your new problem (15-20 minutes or so is contemplated) or reply to an email/text.  If we do not need to take any action after the call, there is no charge.

It is that simple.

Let’s say a vendor asks for a unique contract clause or a customer complains loudly of a problem.  We will tell you if you need to worry about this issue or not.  No charge.

But sometimes we help explain how the risk can be troublesome in light of your business goals.  In this case, further discussions may be warranted.  But, this is all in your control.

Thanks and we look forward to helping you.

Best regards,

Charlie Brown

IP and Corporate Law Specialist

Representing Businesses for 28 years

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