Corporate Practice Area


Corporate Practice Area

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We have wide experience in corporate matters legal matters for businesses, having represented major corporations on a wide variety of legal issues.  CorpLaw Associates attorneys are highly skilled corporate attorneys. Charlie has practiced law for 31 years and has senior corporate Law Department experience.

This past experience and legal expertise has allowed CorpLaw to provide the best possible corporate legal services and strategic business planning.

CorpLaw’s exclusive approach has helped a wide variety of clients. CorpLaw has served Fortune 50 public corporations, and has also helped start up businesses and companies under $100 million in revenues. Companies of all sizes have benefited from the passionate one-on-one service that only an attorney who knows their business can provide. Smaller companies have also benefited from CorpLaw’s experience practicing for industry leaders at the highest levels.

Following a unique and effective set of corporate best practices, CorpLaw has served clients in a variety of ways. CorpLaw attorneys have advised on a legal issues involving securities, board of directors matters, corporate governance, negotiation of professional service agreements, human resources, software acquisition, risk management, audits, and much more. For example, CorpLaw attorneys created a company’s first law department. They have also advised executives and managers on how to comply with legal regulatory schemes to avoid liability. CorpLaw attorneys have assisted clients in most every conceivable area of business law.

The attorney’s expertise goes far beyond just the law. CorpLaw has also provided strategic business planning along with expert legal advice. CorpLaw attorneys have used their knowledge of a client’s company and industry to help them achieve important business goals. For instance, CorpLaw attorneys have advised clients on how to grow their bottom line by taking advantage of favorable, but not readily apparent, legal options. They have also counseled their clients on how to implement risk management systems. CorpLaw combination of business and legal expertise allows CorpLaw attorneys to serve a client in a holistic and complete manner.

Our attorneys have significant legal experience representing America’s largest companies such as Motorola.  We have used this experience to create a custom legal method for private practitioners to best represent companies.  We call it the “Law Department Method”.

The Law Department Method is based on proven Law Department legal methods used by the best businesses.  This new, state-of-the-art service method helps companies lower their legal costs and minimize their legal risk.  This process can help your company.  For more information, please view our article describing this -the Law Department Method.pdf.

Resources for Corporate Legal Services

Legal Audit Services

Contracts Legal Services

The 23 Best Practices for Corporate Counsel.pdf can be downloaded here.

Here is an informative article on how to protect your company’s corporate shield, Piercing the Corporate Veil and Protecting Business Owners Personal Assets.pdf

CorpLaw has a unique plan to help your company, corporation or LLC keep its good legal standing. for more information, please see our Maintenance Plan for Corporations and LLC’s.pdf

Best Practices for Corporate Legal Services.pdf are a set of  philosophical and
legal practice guidelines.

Our Corporate Legal Services Offering.pdf is available for download in .pdf format.


Corporate Accomplishments

  • Represented Buyers and Sellers of Businesses in asset and stock sales transactions in multiple industries
  • Saved $240,000 in legal fees on annualized basis through analysis and restructuring of legal services.
  • Structured equity incentive plan and drafted documents to implement.
  • Refinanced company debt.  Negotiated necessary documentation.
  • Involved in due diligence for secondary equity offering.
  • Benchmarked legal systems of company and advised on risk management system.
  • Determined need for additional insurance requirements in key areas: directors and officers, errors and omissions and publisher’s liability.
  • Assisted in successful launch of Context magazine; created procedures for copyright compliance.
  • Advised on General Motors joint venture for telematics system.
  • Analyzed worldwide Ford Motor Company supply master terms and conditions, compared to other Big 3 terms and conditions.
  • Negotiated and drafted enterprise software licenses for key worldwide software upgrade initiative.
  • Negotiated the sale of worldwide assets and rights of the MacGregor Golf Company. Drafted complex agreement and attended to due diligence process and H-S-R filing.
  • Managed the effort to reconfigure the company’s worldwide information systems. Concluded license and support agreement negotiations in 19 days.
  • Reduced outside legal expenses by 10% and increased outside counsel accountability by developing case budgets and actively supervising case matters worldwide.
  • Interpreted key federal laws and regulations.  Interacted with multiple regulators to ensure compliance.
  • Negotiated acquisition of $780 MM public bank.  This acquisition strategically strengthened deposit base and product offering mix in region.
  • Defended against minority shareholder suit after statutory merger of subsidiary.
  • Advised board on nationwide litigation matters and created database to facilitate decision-making.
  • Created one of first nationwide residential mortgage origination programs.  Quickly took advantage of new federal regulatory authority to implement program before competitors.  Researched law, drafted necessary documentation and obtained necessary regulatory approval.
  • Responsible for the legal risk, opportunities, compliance and budgets for global businesses.
  • Representing our clients in matters of securities, customer issues, board of directors matters, corporate governance, negotiation and drafting of professional service agreements, human resources, real estate, software acquisition, risk management, trademarks, and copyright.
  • Directing and advising companies in matters of litigation; patent and trademark policy and activities; alliances, licenses and acquisitions; sales and marketing programs; personnel and labor; real estate; antitrust and distribution; and environmental issues.
  • Preparing legal budgets and managing outside counsel.


Corporate Testimonials

“Retaining CorpLaw Associates to handle our corporate legal matters proved to be a wise decision. CorpLaw, led by Charlie Brown, assessed our situation, investigated applicable laws and formulated a strategy. The complicated laws and strategy were effectively communicated to us so that we understood our options and potential outcomes. CorpLaw designed a strategy that protected us in a worse-case scenario, which eventually occurred. Ultimately, we had to exercise our rights and the CorpLaw strategy produced a full judgment in our favor.”

– Scott B., Chief Operating Officer, Merchant Services Firm


“Charlie has assisted me on several occasions involving the start-up and continued operation of my business.  For example, Charlie was instrumental in the determination of the right corporate structure for [my Company].  He thoroughly explained the pros and cons of the relevant options, and assisted me with making the right decision.  On an on-going basis, Charlie has routinely ensured that my Company is in full compliance with state and federal regulations.

It is a great comfort knowing that Charlie is overseeing many of the legal aspects of running my business, and it is one less things for me to worry about.  In short, Charlie’s knowledge of business law and his depth of experience, coupled with the responsive and personal service he provides, all contribute to a strong and valued business relationship.  I highly recommend Charlie and his firm for your legal needs.”

–  Tammy H., CEO, E-commerce and Consulting Firm


“I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your service and valuable advice over these past several years.  It’s been my pleasure working with you and I hope to continue working together for years to come.  I don’t know if I ever told you, but one of the things that I appreciate about CorpLaw the most is the availability of your services.  You and your staff are only a phone call away and always ready to help.  I’ve had experiences in the past with other attorneys who would call me back a week or two later, after my phone call to them, or not return my call at all.  From talking with other business owners, I’ve been aware that this is typical.

With Charlie Brown and CorpLaw I feel like I have my own Legal Department.  It really does put my mind at ease to know that I can call you whenever I want and get the advice and help I need.  That is one of the reasons I always say to you half jokingly, that you are the “president of [our company’s] legal department”.  In a very real sense, you are.”

–  Scott P., President, Commercial Painting Company

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