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Top Legal Tips for Business Owners

Charlie Brown at the podiumThere are a number of simple rules you can follow to lower your risk. Read Top Tips for Business Owners

Topics include:

  • Consultants Need to Protect Themselves
  • Using Promissory Notes When Your Customer Has a Large Past Due
  • Purchase Orders Will Protect You
  • How Contracts Help Your Business
  • Pursuing New Revenue
  • Protect Your Personal Assets from Business Creditors
Important Legal Issues For Start-Up Businesses

You can protect your investment in your start-up by addressing some key, inexpensive legal issues.  Read the entire Legal Issues for Start-Up Businesses Article.

Data Breaches at Companies Becoming Commonplace

Personal and confidential data is being exposed continually.  More than 75% of data and security professionals for North American companies report their customers’ and employees’ personal information has been exposed or lost due to data breaches.  This will cost companies time and money.  We can help you lessen the risk of losing valuable data.

Read the entire Data Breaches at Companies Becoming Commonplace Article.

Report Compares Incorporated vs. Unincorporated Business Owners

Experian recently conducted a study that explores the rarely examined small-business marketplace.  “The Face of Today’s Small-Business Owner” research takes a deeper look at the makeup of small business owners and identifies key characteristics between owners incorporated and unincorporated businesses.

The study reveals that incorporated owners:

  • Have incomes that are 35% higher than the general population
  • Tend to be more active, educated, wealthy, and younger than owners of unincorporated businesses and the general population
  • Show a higher affinity for travel, gadgets, and high-end foreign cars than their unincorporated counterparts
  • Are 56% more likely to have completed college vs. 29% of the unincorporated owners
  • Are 94% more likely to exhibit “work hard, play hard” attributes than unincorporated owners and the overall population.
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